OffGrid Key Fob Bag


Protect even the smallest devices against possible security breaches with an OffGrid Key Fob Bag. EDEC’s OffGrid line includes sleek designs with stitchless, thermo-welded seams and a new magnetic, single-fold velcro closure mechanism. Each bag is lined with an extra layer of fabric to prevent abrasion and protect the quad-layer Faraday material from wear and tear. Use an EDEC Key Fob Bag to prevent thieves from using signal amplifiers to exploit keyless entry systems to break into your car. 

This bag is incredibly user-friendly with a single-fold velcro seal that is backed by a magnetic closure. The magnetic closure creates a continuous closed loop to eliminate any gaps that can be infiltrated by signals. The minimalistic form of the bag makes this accessory both discreet and easily transportable for day to day use.

  • Stitchless, thermo-welded seams eliminate holes in Faraday material for maximum shielding strength
  • Internal nylon strap with Hypalon to secure keys inside
  • Exterior loop look to attach to a keychain or lanyard
  • Water and dust resistant Ripstop fabric prevents tearing

Size: 4.02″ x 6.88″.

Operational area of 3.22″ x 5.71″.

Exterior key ring loop

An exterior key ring loop allows easy attachment to keychains to conveniently carry secure key fobs.

Quiet Velcro

The strong velcro featured on each bag can be quietly opened for discretion in every situation.

Snap Closure Mechanism

Bags practically secure themselves with a snap closure system that quickly seals bags to grant maximum protection.

Off Grid Features

  • Element Proof
  • Data Protection
  • Smart Construction
  • Easy To Use


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