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OffGrid Bag


Protect your phone against possible security breaches with an OffGrid bag. EDEC’s OffGrid line includes sleek designs with stitch-less, thermo-welded seams and a new magnetic, single-fold velcro closure mechanism. Each bag is lined with four layers of Faraday material to shield devices. The innermost layer is constructed of a diamond ripstop Faraday fabric to prevent abrasion from devices.

This bag employs a single-fold velcro seal that is backed by a magnetic closure. The magnetic closure creates a continuous closed loop to eliminate any gaps that can be infiltrated by signals. The minimalist form of the bag makes this discreet accessory easily transportable for day to day use.

  • Stitchless, thermo-welded seams eliminate holes in Faraday material for maximum shielding strength
  • Water and dust resistant Ripstop fabric prevents tearing
  • Operational size optimized for mobile devices
  • Additional lining improves longevity of Faraday material

Mobile: 8.05″ x 9.45″. Operational area of 5.49″ x 8.03″.

Tablet: 9.75 x 13.99″. Operational area of 8.35″ x 11.44″.

Laptop: 13.39” x 20.75”. Operational area of 11.98″ x 17.89″.

Magnetic Single
Fold Enclosure

The single-fold enclosure of bags is backed by a magnetic seal for quick and easy guaranteed protection.

Quad-Layer Ripstop
Faraday Construction

Military and law enforcement agencies have trusted the signal-blocking strength of EDEC’s unique faraday bag construction for over a decade.

Stitchless Design &
Thermo-Welded Seams

Conventional stitching methods cause gaps in Faraday protection by puncturing holes that may be penetrated by invasive signals. Thermo-welded seams eliminate the need to puncture hazardous holes in protective Faraday fabric.

Water & Dust Resistant

Durable Ripstop fabric protects devices from the hazards of everyday wear and tear in addition to the dangers of a cybersecurity breach.

Off Grid Features

  • Element Proof
  • Data Protection
  • Smart Construction
  • Easy To Use


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