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Faraday Bag Non-Window


Our Non-Window Faraday Bag is fantastic for shielding devices from the outside world. Our line of Faraday Bags have been designed to aid law enforcement, military, and investigators in the collection, preservation, transport, and analysis of wireless evidence. Wireless devices such as cell phones, GPS, netbooks, Bluetooth devices, laptops, etc. are shielded from cellular, WiFi, Bluetooth and radio signals by EDEC’s proprietary ISOTech Shielding System when inside of our faraday bags. The ISOTech Shielding System is lightweight and durable enough for use in the field and the lab.

Standard Faraday Bag Non-Window SKU: FBSNW

Large Faraday Bag Non-Window SKU: FBLNW

Extra Large Faraday Bag Non-Window SKU: FBXLNW

  • Features:

    • Shields a wide range of wireless devices such as cell phones (GSM, CDMA, 3G, 4G), PDAs, two-way radios, and Bluetooth
    • Wear-resistant outer shell and double layered construction improves product durability
    • Highly visible usage instructions mitigate user error
    • Quad-layer faraday fabric construction offers the highest shielding in the industry
    • Incorporated note slot for easy record keeping
    • Includes a digital evidence card compatible with our Evidence Portal Android app

  • Standard:

    External Dimensions: 8.2″ x 7.8″ 

    Usage Area: 4.25″ x 7.5


    External Dimensions: 15″ x 9.5″

    Usage Area: 11″ x 9″ 

    Extra Large:

     External Dimensions: 21.25″ x 14.5″

     Usage Area: 17.25″ x 13.75″

  •  Shielding:

    The above data points represent significant values for common use case scenarios our customers encounter; bags will shield and attenuate at frequencies not explicitly mentioned above.