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Data Bag Vector Kit

The second generation of our Data Bag Vector Kit

Kit Includes:

  • Data Bag with shielded window and filtered USB 2.0 cable
  • Shielded transport bag

Product Use

The Data Bag Kit is a patented system for shielding wireless mobile devices from radio frequency signals while connecting via USB. Cell phones, GPS units, tablets, netbooks, and laptops can be analyzed or charged while in the field or lab.

The Data Bag is used by connecting the mobile device USB cable to the shielded block inside the bag. The outer filtered USB is connected directly to your examination computer or charging device. Use the VECTOR pocket to operate capacitive touch screen devices while inside of the bag.

During evidence transport and in other unknown signal environments, the Data Bag can be further shielded by the extra large non-window transport faraday bag. The transport bag can be used independently as an extra large faraday bag.

Data Bag Vector Kit SKU: FBDATA

  • Overview of 2nd Generation Features

    • Brand new USB Filter with higher-level shielding*
    • Quad-layer bag construction dramatically increases shielding from gen. 1 construction
    • Improved USB cable construction offers higher quality connection

    The Data Bag Kit provides mobile device examination capability in a portable shielded environment. WIreless mobile devices connect via a generation 2 filtered USB cable for charging, data transfer, and analysis while maintaining isolation from RF signals. The transport faraday bag offers extended shielding in unknown signal environments.

  • Bag Model Data Bag Transport Bag
    Quad-layer Faraday
    External Dimensions  17″ x 11.75″ Bag 20″ Cable  21.5″ x 13.75″
     Usage Area  13.75″ x 11″  18.5″ x 13″
  • Shielding:

    The above data points represent significant values for common use case scenarios our customers encounter; bags will shield and attenuate at frequencies not explicitly mentioned above.