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Faraday Tents

EDEC Faraday Tents offer extremely high signal attenuation for forensics and anti-espionage/countermeasure applications. For forensics, multiple operators can work inside of the tents with desks and equipment. In anti-espionage scenarios, secure communications can take place with the assurance that no transmitters can function from the inside. Tent systems include double wall construction, double mag/zip door, forced air ventilation, shielded power, shielded Ethernet and LED lighting. Choose from two pre-configured packages or design your own.

Medium Faraday Tent SKU: FT-M

Large Faraday Tent SKU: FT-L

Large: $ 24,485
Medium tent: $ 21,553
  • Markets and Applications

    • Military – Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines
    • Law Enforcement – Federal, State, Local
    • Crime Scene Investigators
    • Intelligence Agencies
    • Diplomats and Dignitaries
    • Private Forensics Labs
    • Aerospace & Defense
    • IT Test Labs & more


  • Shielding:

    The above data points represent significant values for common use case scenarios our customers encounter; bags will shield and attenuate at frequencies not explicitly mentioned above.

  • Description

    Comfortably holds two to three individuals with desks and equipment.




    9’ wide x 9’ wide x 8.5’ tall

    RF Attenuation

    Minimum 64dB (average 70dB), 50kHz to 4GHz test range

    Outer Structure

    Vitabri V3

    Tent Construction

    Double layer, faraday thread, heavy duty seams

    Tent Attachment

    Rope and webbing rail with elastic ball connectors

    Door Closure

    Double magnetic/zipper


    Removable rubber mat


    (2) Shielded honeycomb vents. Lower intake with fan and sleeve, upper exhaust


    Filter box with 120VAC, 15 amp, 5 outlet power strip


    (1) Filtered Ethernet [10 PF], DB9 to RJ45/DB9 Adapter kits


    High power LED lighting strip, 32’ length


    Power strip, extra connectors, tensioning accessories, protective bags, rip repair kit


    Wood flight case, outer dimensions 70”x30”x26”

    Total Weight with Case



    (1) Extra filtered Etherneting