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  • EDEC Mobile Digital Forensics Eclipse 2 Product

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Black Hole Faraday & Data Bags:

Tarantula V.2

Tarantula V.2

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Mobile device analysis equipment for Chinese chipsets

  • Tarantula V.2

    Tarantula Software

    Tarantula 2.0 is equipped with intuitive software to help investigators extract, analyze and report data from mobile devices.

  • Tarantula V.2

    Tarantula Hardware

    Tarantula 2.0 hardware is small and durable with a ruggedized shell, various power options and tip style data cables.

  • Tarantula V.2

    Field Ready

    The Tarantula 2.0 case is compact and light weight for those in the field with a USB power attachment and extra parts included.

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